About Us

Our mission is to empower citizens to lead the transformation of Colorado’s mobility future




Transit Alliance is an influential public-advocacy organization that works to empower citizens to lead the transformation of Colorado’s mobility future. The organization started in 1997 and works toward its mission by engaging a variety of private and public stakeholders and by placing a heavy emphasis on remaining active in the policy arena, building leadership capacity, staying connected to the community and fostering a forum for constructive dialogue.

Transit Alliance envisions a network of engaged and informed citizens building a healthy, sustainable and equitable society through better mobility.  The Academy works to:

  • Deliver relevant and timely information with education that evolves as the issues evolve
  • Expand our cutting-edge new way of citizen advocacy that inspires innovation and encourages action
  • Build on our stable 18-year history with long lasting and meaningful relationships
  • Leverage our dedicated resources to expand our reach to Colorado and nationwide

You may remember our work between 1997 and 2004 to successfully build a grassroots coalition that supported FasTracks in 2004.  That was 10 years ago and since then we have been busy delivering some of the most passionate advocates for transit that the region has ever seen.  We have pioneered post-ballot initiative education and engagement of citizens and are leading the nation in this area.

Transit Alliance is the region’s civic partner to:

  • Educate…through the Citizens’ Academy;
  • Engage…our over 800 graduates;
  • Energize…with the Annual Transit Event;
  • Empower…through Open Access – An Insider’s Sneak Peek; and
  • Enterprise…by growing our success with the nationally unique Citizens’ Academy throughout the state of Colorado and the nation.

Transit Alliance in the News in 2017

We update this page as the news happens!

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