7 Week Academy FAQ


How do I apply for the Citizens’ Academy?

Applications are available online. Applications for the Spring 2018 Academy will launch in January 2018.

What is Citizens’ Academy?

Citizens’ Academy is a 7-week class in which participants meet to learn from local experts and leaders, meet other interested citizens and ultimately put what they learn into action. The Academy began in 2007, and has nearly 900 graduates. We at Transit Alliance believe that engaged and informed citizens are integral to building Colorado’s transportation future.

Who applies for Citizens’ Academy?

There is no single type of person who applies for Citizens’ Academy. Academy participants are from all walks of life, and are motivated by both professional and personal reasons to apply. Academy graduates include professionals, elected officials, students, and retired seniors. We believe that diversity in all aspects makes our program stronger.

What will I learn?

Our agenda evolves from each Academy to the next. The common theme is how transportation connects to people. In previous academies, we have provided education about mobility innovations (FasTracks, car sharing, bike sharing), transit-oriented development, health impacts of transportation choices, housing, and active transportation (walking, bicycling). We have speakers who are local experts, take field trips to see projects in progress, and learn from other participants through the Action Plan process.

I’m not sure what an Action Plan is. Do I have to stick with the idea I put on my application?

You will be asked to make an Action Plan during your seven weeks of the Academy. These plans are ways that you can become more involved in your community or workplace by advancing some aspect of transit, transportation and/or community building. We ask you to give us an idea for your Action Plan so that we can gauge the incoming class’s interest in certain topics, and because we want our participants to start with the mindset of making positive change in their communities. You may change your Action Plan, and to some degree we expect that you will after you have learned more about Denver’s mobility challenges and opportunities. Part of the seven week experience is really developing your ideas, passions and thinking creatively with your fellow Academy participants so that you have time to create a project.

What is the cost to participate in the Academy? 

Tuition for the 2017 class is $500. However, Transit Alliance believes that individual circumstances should not be a barrier to participation in the Citizens’ Academy. Tuition may be paid by the participant, the participant’s employer, or by a Transit Alliance scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded after acceptance to the Academy. If you wish to apply for a Transit Alliance scholarship, please mark “Yes, please consider me for a Transit Alliance scholarship” on your application when prompted.


What is Transit Alliance’s Title VI plan?

Transit Alliance operates its services, programs, and activities without regard to race, color, national origin (ancestry), religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or any other status protected by applicable local, state, or federal law. Transit Alliance abides by the provisions of all applicable civil rights laws and regulations, including without limitation: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); and the Older Americans Act (OAA). For more information on Transit Alliance, and the procedures to file a complaint, contact Transit Alliance at (303) 919-4334; email [email protected]; or visit our office at 1536 Wynkoop Street Suite 105, Denver, CO 80202.