One-Day Academy :: Littleton, CO :: November 11, 2015


The City of Littleton and The Transit Alliance, along with hosts Mayor Phil Cernanec and RTD Director Kent Bagley, hosted the Littleton One-Day Citizens’ Academy on November 11, 2015. Here were a few highlights:
  • Learned how to better engage with development projects occurring in the city around transit from experts in land-use planning, development, and placemaking
  • Examined transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and Littleton’s unique neighborhoods
  • Created an action plan for exacting real changes in your community
  • Networked with fellow Littleton residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders

A participating Littleton High School student wrote an article about the Academy for the Littleton High School’s Lion’s Roar.

The One-Day Citizens’ Academy workshop is predicated on the successful Transit Alliance Citizens’ Academy.  Since the Academy began in 2007, it has over 720 graduates and anticipates 100 additional graduates each year.  What makes this seven week leadership program nationally unique is that we require all participants to take what they’ve learned and create a six month action plan for increasing citizen understanding, building relationships among stakeholders and building better, more vibrant connected communities.  Truly, our graduates understand the relationship between the infrastructure investments we make today and our communities’ development, prosperity and health of tomorrow.

Our initial One-Day Academy pilot on Saturday, October 25, 2014 focused on the Northwest Metro Area and engaged low income residents, people of color and non-english speakers in getting involved with current efforts to increase mobility and leverage the investment of FasTracks to work for their communities.  Participants participated in an interactive dialogue and aligned around 4 action plan groupings.


  • Leverage Previous Community Efforts & Expertise: With over eight years of experience with the Citizens’ Academy model, Transit Alliance is poised to bring that knowledge and skill set to combine with your highly successful collaboration efforts and other partners identified during the workshop planning process.
  • Find the Right People: The most critical element for a successful Citizens’ Academy is attracting and motivating key citizens to participate in the workshop and offer their leadership for the proposed action items. This recruitment process is a partnership between TA and the local communities.  Having the stakeholders participate in the workshop allows for the peer to peer exchange and collaboration that is central to the existing Citizens’ Academy.  Typical Academy participants cover a range of industries, disciplines and civic engagement.  We have found great success in attracting both leaders from the grassroots and “grasstops.”  Our efforts will bring together all spectrums of life; planning professionals, environmentalists, individuals with disabilities, older adults, and simply anyone interested in improving the quality of life in their community through increased transit and mobility options.
  • Educate: With key stakeholder, civic leaders, elected officials and other nonprofits assembled the goal of this one-day Academy will be to discuss the complexities of community building and how mobility can help address each community’s goals and objectives.  Ultimately, participants will better understand the relationship between the mobility investments we make today and our communities’ development, prosperity and health of tomorrow.
  • Engage: What makes the Academy model so nationally unique is that all participants are required to take what they’ve learned and create a six month action plan for helping to advance mobility, transit and active transportation (biking and walking).  Participants of the One-Day Academy will be asked to align and help lead a set of 3-4 action areas for community building.  Much of the second half of the workshop will be dedicated to identifying action items and prioritizing both short-term and long-term initiatives.
  • Motivate: By creating a shared vision and set of action items for mobility, Academy participants will be able to present to elected officials and key stakeholders opportunities for short- and long-term collaboration.


  • Illustrated action plan worksheet.
  • Real-Time Illustration Available – Presentations, conversations and decisions are captured in REAL TIME. Highly visible yet silently working on as large as 4′ by 8′ paper, the event is quickly and concisely captured using illustrations, words and connections in sync with the event’s production team. The maps provide an overall picture of the event and galvanize a group’s experience of the meeting’s outcome. The map will be included as a deliverable.
Contact Kathleen Osher, Executive Director for more information.