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Big Changes are Coming to Broadway, and We’re Celebrating!

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In 2016, Transit Alliance supported the implementation of the Broadway bike lane study as a member of the Bikes on Broadway coalition of nonprofit organizations. After the successful roll-out of the bike lane, which resulted in the continuation of the study and future extension of the lane, we are expanding our focus to encompass upcoming improvements to Broadway and Lincoln as a mobility corridor. As co-leaders of the Better Broadway Coalition (formerly Bikes on Broadway), we are doing community outreach, hosting celebratory events, and voicing our support to project leaders. We are excited to support enhancements to the bus lane, which include giving buses 24-hour priority in the bus lane, stop consolidations that will make the 0 and 0L bus lines run faster, and innovative lane markings to help drivers better navigate the corridor.

Changes Worth Supporting

The City and County of Denver and RTD are collaborating on a series of changes rolling out this year that will give riders the dignity and respect they deserve. Beginning August 27, faster and more reliable service is coming to the Broadway/Lincoln corridor. The peak hours only bus lane will become an all-day bus lane, which means that the bus will no longer get stuck in traffic. RTD is consolidating stops so that stops are regularly spaced. This stop consolidation will also reduce the number of times that the bus has to stop and then get back up to speed–again, making the ride faster and more reliable for riders. Finally, the City of Denver is introducing innovative lane markings during August and September that will help drivers better navigate the corridor, and reduce the chance that the bus is stuck behind car traffic. This is great for drivers, who will face less uncertainty about where they’re supposed to drive in the corridor, and great for riders, who won’t get stuck in traffic.

Educating, Engaging, Celebrating

We are on a mission to educate and engage community stakeholders about the exciting changes happening on Broadway/Lincoln. The Better Broadway Coalition is hosting a series of workshops and tactical urbanism events this summer and fall to celebrate transit enhancements and to demonstrate our support for changes that respect bus riders.

7/26/17 : Better Broadway Tactical Urbanism Visioning Workshop
8/23/17: Better Broadway Tactical Urbanism Workshop #2
September 2017: series of tactical urbanism events to celebrate transit improvements

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